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33. Does "ESG" help biodiversity? (Ken Pucker)

...up next (5 June 2023)


ESG (“environmental, social and governance”) is the latest buzzword in business & biodiversity circles, and other environmental and social arenas. But it’s not actually new - only newly popular. It’s one among many terms and acronyms, in this field, which have become well known but are often poorly understood. Understanding concepts like ESG is consequential because their success relies largely on convincing the general public of their value and their virtue. As we discuss in this episode, they are not necessarily all they’re made out to be.

To illuminate this topic with me is Ken Pucker. Ken is a professor at the Fletcher School at Tufts University and Advisory Director at the Boston-based Financial Services firm Berkshire Partners, and was previously Chief Operating Officer of Timberland. He has written extensively on ESG and related issues in Harvard Business Review, among other prestigious publications.

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