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16. How do we cultivate enthusiasm for nature? (Steven Lowe)

November 2021


People from various walks of life have an affinity to nature. Why is that, and why is nature important to us? This episode is less of an inquiry and more of a ramble through this topic, with one of the most nature-loving, inspiring and interesting people I know.

Steven Lowe is a high school science teacher in the UK. But he started as a cardiovascular cell biology researcher, after earning his PhD in that subject. In between those two sub-careers he spent more than 10 years studying and working in conservation biology - mostly in South Africa - where we met doing our Masters degrees in that subject.

Links to resources:

Time stamps:

02:12: How Steve chose a successful career in cardiovascular cell biology, and left it for conservation

11:11: The importance of biodiversity conservation relative to climate change action

16:08: Moral and practical arguments for conservation

18:03: Trade-offs, consequences and opportunities

25:46: Political conviction about improving conservation

28:39: Why are YouTube "freak animal clips" so popular?

31:48: Young people’s interest in nature

35:23: The influence of inspiring individuals

40:36: The influence of spending time in nature


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